Video Conferencing

Conferring faster and simpler!

Interacting face-to-face makes the communication better. Video conferencing helps to minimize confusions, saves time and reduces cost involved. We can be helpful in Day-to-Day Communications like Teleworker Integration, Staff & Regional Meetings, Training & Education and Mission Critical Communications like Operation Centers, Command and Control also Programs and Projects where Synergies exist and require agencies to interact.Such programs were held successfully by us in our own country, India.

We focused on:
Commercial grade technology that works well even over general purpose IP networks
Latest Video Conferencing Technology (H.264 SVC)
Works over any IP converged networks (Intranet, Internet, Shared LAN, Wi-Fi, 3G)
Multiple devices can be connected to Video Conferencing
Easy to setup and use
Reliable and Available
Virtually maintenance free system
Video Replay
It connects H.323 and SIP-based infrastructure.
Support Critical Features like H.239 data sharing and H.235 media.
The latest specimen of success of this project can be seen in Ghana in 2013.
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