SKD Tractor Assembly Plant

Transferring Technology!

Sowing best seeds and generating a good yield remains useless till it is harvested properly. Tractors along with the relevant agricultural implements and machinery are among the latest technologies that should be used by all farmers. We wish to provide the same, keeping cost effectiveness in mind. This ensures job creation, tertiary industry setup as well as development and rise of the living standard for common man.

What we teach:
Assembly & maintenance of tractors and implements
Optimized usage of the tractors & parts
Maximized fuel efficiency of the tractors
Attainment of minimal wear & tear
Development of efficient service stations
Facilitation of Mobile Service Vans to:
Provide 24x7 customer service
Promote sale of genuine spares
Image Building
Warehouse & Tool Shops
After Sales Support
Job Creation
Our success stories were weaved on the land of Kumasi, Ghana in the years of 2008, Burkina Faso-2010-12
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