Setting up of Telemedicine facilities

Heal'&'Bliss along with its partner hospital has taken a plunge in proliferating diagnosis and treatment services through telemedicine supported by our associated world class accredited hospitals .

It is a perfect abode where all facilities and Comforts are tailor-made to ensure complete physical, mental and psychological well being of the elderly. The last phase of a rewarding journey has to be most satisfying. The veterans invested many precious years in bringing up and gain a status in society. Our objective is the make the earnings eternal and everlasting. The motive is to create more equal, just and sustainable world for elders. This is a place for people who put a premium on their independence and take pride in the life of dignity they have led.

What we do offer:
Consultancy services and expertise for setting up of hospital and diagnostic centers.
Best human resources to establish the healthcare sector.
Upgrade and modernize the existing diagnostic centre and hospitals
Provide the modern equipments to undertake all the diagnostic tests.
Provide adequate paramedical staff for optimal operations of the medical centre.
Establish a central collection hub in the city and setup collection points for diagnostic centre throughout the country.
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