Telecom Revenue Monitoring

Efficient taxation, reliable services!

As mobile usage is increasing worldwide, talk time taxation can help the Government and general public as well. Government and Telecom Regulation Agencies (TRA) should implement a rigorous monitoring system that will enable Government to independently collate, from the billing engines of the mobile telecom operators and the Call Detail Records (CDR) of each call logged by their billing engines. Our beneficiary areas of applications are Security Agencies and departments like Police, Justice, Customs, Immigration, Traffic, Income Tax and Telecommunications Department.

Our expertise:
Distributed and scalable multi-threaded architecture
Capability to support various diverse networks and billing technologies
Real-time operational tool
Robust protocol Connectivity Bridge
Easily adaptable to new versions upgrades
Flexible and easy-to-use GUI
Ensure security of the data
Boosts economy and leads to infra-structural development
Our success stories were weaved on the land of Ghana, in the year 2009.
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