Setting up of Diagnostic Centres & Hospitals

Diagnosing an ailment and disorder at the earliest makes the treatment half done. Heal'&'Bliss aims to support development of quality health care facilities in setting up the diagnostic centres and hospitals in your country. We bring in the latest world class technologies and equipment to make quality health care affordable and accessible to the common man.

What we do offer:
Consultancy services and expertise for setting up of hospital and diagnostic centers.
Best human resources to establish and run the healthcare institutions.
Upgrade and modernize the existing diagnostic centres and hospitals
Training the manpower to upgrade their knowledge and skills
Equipment studies and needs analysis
Planning, design, implementation, construction, and delivery of civil works and equipments projects from start to finish
Progress monitoring and status reporting of construction projects, equipments deliveries and installations
Technical evaluation, delivery, installation and initial start-up/monitoring of new and refurbished equipments and machinery
Warranty on infrastructure, installations, equipments and annual maintenance contracts (AMC) for required periods
Hiring, training and certification of employees working onsite or operating any newly installed equipment
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