Municipal Revenue Collection

Collecting resources for reforms!

A proper Revenue Collection System takes the economy forward, to a more regulated form. It is useful in areas like Government and Revenue Department, Financial Institutions, Medical & Healthcare, Retail & FMCG, Inventory Management, Transportation, Tourism and Telecommunication. We dream for a progressive economy.

Our actions:
The collector carries a Handheld Terminal (HHT)
Visits on a specific time interval to the shops
Collects the shop tax from the shop keepers
Enters the data in the HHT
HHT confirms by giving a receipt through an inbuilt printer
Receipt is given only by the MSR identity cards wipe
The collector comes to the data Centre on specific intervals
Plugs the HHT into the cable
Deposits the cash collected from the shop with a receipt
The data is transmitted to central location through WEB/Internet
Boosts economy and leads to infrastuctural development
We have records of establishing such systems in Ghana-2007 and DR Congo-2013.
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