Aging gracefully

Caring Veterans!

The establishment works with the aim to provide the dignity & privilege to aged people. It deals with the special needs, emotional security and above all social protection.

It is a perfect abode where all facilities and Comforts are tailor-made to ensure complete physical, mental and psychological well being of the elderly. The last phase of a rewarding journey has to be most satisfying. The veterans invested many precious years in bringing up and gain a status in society. Our objective is the make the earnings eternal and everlasting. The motive is to create more equal, just and sustainable world for elders. This is a place for people who put a premium on their independence and take pride in the life of dignity they have led.

What can we do?
Mobile health units for areas with limited access and poor transportation facilities
Physio care and eye care camps for the elderly
Elder Help lines to solve problems of elders such as isolation, neglect, facilitate emergency responses
Livelihood Support to restore financial stability in the lives of destitute elderly
Old age Homes/ Day care centers for many older people who don't have a roof over their heads or a place to call their own
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