Setting up TV Station

Replicating reality; not Fictions!

Acting as a decisive instrument of modern social and political organization, Broadcasting has been well-acknowledged and addressed as an important means of communication for its capacity to reach widely. Rapidly rose to compete with its older radio-broadcasting sibling, television programming medium appears to be quite appealing as it resembles real life with its content, surround sound and colorful images.

Budding with the same approach, our constant endeavor and striving efforts have been made to begin with a multifaceted TV Network Station. Planning to commence it with the advent of satellite and digital analogs, this station will be a single programmer providing news & network affiliated programming across the nation.

Systems in Action!
Expanded studio
Electronic field production equipment
Production house
Direction & digital work
Studio talkback
Tapeless systems & control rooms
Talk shows
Ghana, in the year 2012-13 witnessed our success in the project
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