Dry Port Automation & Allied Services

Valuing Partnership; Increasing Profits; Solidifying Performance!

Enhancing storage efficiency, faster material throughput and better predictability, Port Automation is a reliable delivery concept driven with smarter and field proven technology. Flanked by an industrial city, our Port will dish up as a logistic point for warehouses, transfer & haulage companies, freight forwarders and related service centre. Hence, we are moving forward to carve our footprints in the budding logistics & supply chain management diligence with custom Dry Port Automation & Allied Services across the globe.

Our expertise lies in offering inbound & outbound container movement through sea, necessary for importing goods within the country and abroad. A hidden weapon in the battle, Container Tracking Systems provides ongoing monitoring of container through all the checkpoints and stations on its journey, from the factory till its final destination. Moreover, we also undertake handling and importing operations, irrespective of merchandise; containerized or conventional. Real-time data solutions achieved through container tracking system and custom automation enable enhanced productivity coupled with better results.

Tracking; Monitoring; Managing!
• Importing goods from variegated countries through sea in containers
• Custom port automation and allied services
• Container tracking system and embedded support handling department for tracking all containers that are coming in
• Border post automation
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